Bishop Stenio Capre with Dr. David L. Wick After the earthquake, the best thing coming out is the flow of new converts from north to south, east to west, and everywhere. The only thing we can do is to feed them spiritually and give them a Bible of their own.

Petion-Ville Sunday school class

The prices on Haitian Creole Bibles have decreased to around $2.50 USD each. They previously sold for about $7 USD each. We do not know how long this special pricing will last but we know that we have an “emergency” to give Bibles to the new converts. We need at least 3000 right now.

These Bibles will help any new converts in our congregations in a two-times-per-week class for new converts every Tuesday and Sunday. We have all new converts’ names in our records and we follow up to see that they come to meetings. Our goal is to lead them to read and understand the Bible. If we don’t do that, they will be in danger of being led astray.

Please help us as you can to support the Bible outreach of Harvest of Haiti. We want to give every new convert one new Bible as well as the training they need to grow in Christ. Whether you can only give one Bible or can give hundreds, we need your help. Please know that the seed you plant now will make an eternal difference.

Kreyol Bible

With love in Christ,
(Bishop Capre looking on)
Dr, David L. Wick