God is still moving! 

With Bishop Stenio Capre & Pastor Jean-Robert Nelson 

Greetings in Jesus’ name to all our Harvest of Haiti friends. It has been a very unusual year so far for everyone around the world; but we will write about how Christians in Haiti have been affected by these very unusual events. 

The COVID-19 virus epidemic was first announced to every Haitian by the Haitian Government on March 19th of this year. Naturally, we were all troubled by hearing such news. The Government asked everyone conducting group meetings to reduce the number of people attending them down to 10 people. Some people of other Christian denominations had misunderstood the Government’s guidelines in their speech and thought the Government was ordering for the doors of churches to be closed. Up to today there have been many churches in Haiti where the doors have been locked and no church services had been held at all. The good news is that our churches did not close their doors. Some of them, to follow government regulations, had multiple services with ten people attending each service on Sundays from 6 AM in the morning, through to 11 PM Sunday night. 

As had happened in many countries globally, the economy for the country crashed, with people unable to work, or unable to purchase necessities. The people who make their living by selling their stuff on the street could not make any money. Some of those unfortunate businesses were operated by Church people. They became very hungry, and so Harvest of Haiti bought food for them, and distributed it to church members. We absolutely need your prayers so that the Lord will continue to provide food for his people. 

We are so thankful for God’s protection over his people at Harvest of Haiti churches. So far, and by God’s marvelous grace, we have had no reports of anyone attending our churches who has died because of the Coronavirus. Continue praying for us, and we will be praying for you too, that the Lord will keep his hand of protection over the people who are called by His name everywhere. 

Our summer Bible school session will start on July 6th and will run through August 7th. Our annual church convention will be held from July 21st to July 26th. There will be three days of prayer from July 27th to July 29th in the House of Prayer. The ladies’ meeting will be held from July 30th to July 31st. The men’s meeting will be held from August 13th to August 14th. The annual Religious Crusade at Mole Saint-Nicolas will be held from Sunday September 6th to September 13th. 

We earnestly covet your prayers and thank you for them. May the Lord bless and keep you as you continue to support and bless Harvest of Haiti Ministries. 

Very sincerely in Christ Jesus, Bishop S Capre Pastor Jean Robert Nelson 

 P.S. We distributed food to the needy at this church last month, and with God’s help and yours, there is more good to come: