What your donation does, it gives them food, clothes, a bed, medical attention when needed, education, love and a life Christ-centered life.
Each girl deserves the opportunity to become a woman that will be honored among others, to respect herself, and have Jesus in her heart.

You can mail your support to:
Harvest of Haiti
PO Box 495
Cottage Grove, MN 55016-0495


vastyca-gentihome2ProfileID#: VG-PV-01
First name: Vastica Love kency
Last name: Gentilhomme
Date of birth: December 7th 2002
Town: Port-au-Prince ( Haiti)
Living with: Stenio Capre Female
school grade: 7th grade
Enjoys: singing
Helps with: cleaning the house activities:
going to school and sings in a group at church
Health: Eyes problem
Needs: finance help for school, school equipment

djouscarline-josephProfile ID#: DJ-PV-02
First name: Djouscarline
Last name: Joseph
Date of birth: April 1st 2004
Town: Port-au-prince
Living with: Stenio Capre
school: 4th grade
Enjoys: singing and compose sing
Helps with: doing the cleanng
Activities: Going to church , school
Health: Good
Needs: finances help for school, food, clothes

maranesias-augustinProfile ID#: MA-PV-03
First name: Maraneslas
Last name: Augustin
Date of birth: May 2nd 2007
Town: Port-au-prince (Haiti)
School grade: 3rd groupe (primary)
Enjoys: Dancing , going to school
Helps with: Washing dishes
Activites: Going to school, sing at a group At church
Health: Good
Needs: Finances help for school, food, clothes

chousebincka-fabien2 Profile ID#: CF-PV-04
First name : Chousebiancka
Last name : Fabien
Date of birth : January 12th 2010
Town : Port-au-prince
Living with : Stenio Capre
School grade : Kindergarden
Enjoys : singing
Heps with : Cleaning the house
Activies : Go to school and church
Health : Good
Needs : help to pay school , equipments for school

daina-lubin Profile ID#: DL-PV-05
First name : Daina
Last name : Lubin
Date of birth : june 22 2007
Town : Port-au-Prince
Living with : Stenio Capre
School Grade :
Enjoys : singing
Helps with : Cleaning the house

iselanda-theophin2 Profile ID#: IT-PV-06
First name: Iselanda
Last name : Theophin
Date of birth : July 21st 2008
Town : Port-au-Prince
Living with : Stenio Capre
School grade: 3th grade
Enjoys : Drawing
Helps with : Cleaning the kitchen
Activities : Go to school , go to church
Health : Good
Needs : Help to pay school and equipments for school, clothes