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Share the life-saving hope of Jesus Christ.

The work of the gospel is made complete by not one member but by the giving of all parts of the body each caring for the other. It is your support through the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to those in need that makes the church grow.

Bishop Stenio Capre distributes Christmas Gifts

For more than 30 years, Bishop Stenio Capre has ministered in Haiti according to the visions that God has given him. You can help him accomplish those visions according to the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.


Through evangelistic crusades, church planting, Bible distribution, discipleship, pastoral seminars and Bible schools, the gospel continues to effectively reach many people every year while aiding them in growth.

Church Building

Churches are significant in each community by providing centers for spiritual growth, schooling, disaster assistance and health-improving ministry.


One of the ongoing needs of ministers is transportation. They make regular use of trucks, cars, boats, motorcycles and scooters. We desire to make those available to more pastors. Our desires also include the acquisition of buses to transport evangelistic teams. Ready access to an airplane could be very useful in crossing over Haiti