Educating Haitian Children

Education; Ho 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Once the people know the Lord in Haiti they need to be established on a good foundation. The effort to bring change in the island that has an 85% illiteracy rate is a big challenge. God has given us 250 churches with over 26,000 members. Our goal is to have a primary school (elementary school), secondary school (high school) and trade school connected with every church. There are 83 schools with 356 teachers for the primary school. It is my vision to have the secondary schools and trade schools so the people can have a good life spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. Schoolbooks, paper, pen or pencils and uniforms are the basic needs for the now 4,000+ students. There are to many children that cannot come to school because they are not able to. They have the heart to come, but we can only do what we can with what we have. Each school needs to support the principal, teachers and provide lunch for the children; many walk miles each day to receive education.

My people depend upon the ground and animals to provide their means for life. They are farmers that do not understand the methods of good land management. In many ways their need out ways good judgment, so they suffer much. What do I mean, they need to cook what food they have, cut down the trees for charcoal, build homes and when it rains the good soil is washed away causing much trouble. Because of this we also have major droughts so the garden doesn