House of Prayer

at the Abraham Farm Co-Op Blessing

Pastor Clareface ministries Blessings
Pastor Clareface and other church leaders minister through prayer to encourage the body of Christ.

Harvest of Haiti

  • Church Building

    Harvest of Haiti has over 300 Churches throught the island of Haiti.
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  • Evangelism

    Evangelism is one of the tools to reach the hungry, needy and decieved Haitians.
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  • Education

    The heart of the Ministry is centered around education and the people will live and prosper once they are able to provide for themselves.
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  • Leadership

    With Jesus Christ our Savior as head of the Church and a network of educated Pastors, Deacons and Teachers, the Church grows and prospers.

  • Orphanage

    Harvest of Haiti has Orphanages to take care of the children that have been less fortunate.

  • Broadcasting

    Harvest of Haiti broadcasts the message of Jesus Christ all across the island of Haiti.

  • Prayer Center

    The heart of any Work of God is centered around prayer, God and the needs of the Body of Christ, 24/7.

  • Health Care

    Harvest of Haiti knows the hardships of living in a third world country.HOH has cared for the needs of thousands of Haitian people inside and outside the Church.

  • Home Business

    Teach a person to care for themselves and they will be a wealth of blessing to their family and those around them.

  • Communications

    The heart of Harvest of Haiti is the word of God and bringing that to the people renews the heart of the nation.

  • Agriculture

    Much of the island is desert and mountainous. The island gets little rain and when it does the run off causes flash flooding.

  • Transportation

    Most of the transportation is done by truck with many people in and on the back. The roads are for the most part unimproved with large pot holes.

Making a Difference One Life at a Time

Building the Church


Bishop Stenio Capre brings the word of God to the Church in Pationville.

Teach a Child


One of many schools, this one in Jean Rubel is part of the local Church.

Create Business


This is the Abraham Farm Co-Op located outside of the main Church in Pationville and is part of the 24 hour prayer center.

HOH Mission


Pastor Morino, Bishop’s Stenio’s father was the forrunner of Harvest of Haiti and a vision of 1,000 Churchs

Sponsor a Child the Heartbeat of the Nation



at Bishop Stenio Caprie’s House

Petionville Haiti

Your Support Makes a Difference


Giving a Child an education gives Life to a Community

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Extended Education is Priceless it gives strength to our Country

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Supports a family for a month and can start Building a business

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1 Time

Your Gift of ___ builds Hope in the Church

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Seeing is Believing – Video Collection



Is the back bone of new beginnings and the future stability which one can not get enough of. Each Church is required to have a school connected to it when the Church is over 25 members. Your support provides paper, pencils, books and helps support the lives of the teachers.


Video list here

Missions – Changing Lives in Haiti


Leadership in Action

Bishop Stenio Caprie leading praise & worship

The Haitian people are drawn to worship and just as music is ingrained into their culture, it refreshes their very soul from the hardships they face everyday.