Dear Prayer Partner

September the 7th at 3:00pm, Hurricane Irma touched the island of Haiti. As the people called upon the name of the Lord, the Lord heard their prayers for there were no loss of life on the island of Haiti. We had many of palm leaf buildings, homes, destroyed. The main loss was the area banana tree fields. Almost every banana tree field was laid flat on the ground as were the other crops. The people will have a lack of food for months. We did not have any churches damaged at all.

It is September, time for all the children go back to school and because of the hurricane thousand of children will not attend school this season because some children will need only $100us for the year to go to school, some other will need $80, $70, $60 and $50. It seems not so much but for the people here it’s impossible for them to have.__   We are at the end of the year 2017 where we will have 40 nights of revival in different churches. We will have the pastor’s couple meeting and gift next December, we will have the Sunday school feast for people of every church. And we will provide also some gifts for all the Sunday school-teachers. And gift: soap, tooth paste, tooth brushes, 2 pounds of rice, candy for more than 3000 children. All these things come at once. Would you please become a prayer partners to us in other that the Lord will provide the needs.__


In his service

Bishop Stenio Capre