Thanksgiving and evangelistic crusades continue to be an integral part of Bishop Stenio Capre’s ministry. Stenio is still continuing his crusades at his main Petion-ville church. The outreach of those crusades is strong and many new believers in Christ come in each week. Further, several backsliders have come back to Christ and remain in the fellowship. They are encouraged with discipleship classes in the church every Tuesday and Thursday.

While continuing the first set of crusades, Bishop Capre launched crusades in the area of Port-au-Prince where one of his churches was completely destroyed and the pastor killed in the earthquake. His outreach in this area is geared toward keeping the outlook of the church-goers strong as well as gathering new converts. Each night, as people gather for the crusades, their faces shine with smiles as they worship God. New believers are being added to the church which is now meeting in plain air.

For 11 days, Dr. David and Sis. Eczamine Wick traveled to the northern countryside in Haiti. While they were there, they launched the third set of thanksgiving and evangelistic crusades in one of Bishop Capre’s churches. Each night many people gathered there to offer God thanks for sparing them during the earthquakes and pray for those in greatest need.

Bishop Capre intends to continue holding these crusades indefinitely. As one observes the crowds that gather, one can easily see that these events are important to the communities in which they are held.

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