Bishop Stenio Capre’s Feeding Program

Immediately after the earthquake, food became difficult to find. In the day after the quake, commerce began again with highly inflated prices. This placed food out of reach for most people. Bishop Capre and his ministry affiliates are bringing encouragement as they bring food to those in need.

As of this writing, Bishop Capre has distributed over 2000 pounds of rice. He also has helped to feed more than 150 people who camped as refugees at his home. As a number of refugees have been transferred to rural areas, Bishop Capre still encourages those who remain in various refugee camps around Port-au-Prince. Further, he has sent food with those traveling to rural areas to ensure that they have ample supply as they commence a new life.

Many people are having financial problems as their homes, jobs and families are wiped out. Bishop Capre has made various cash donations to those individuals who need it so they may obtain those products of first necessity: water, food, clothing and shelter.

By Bishop Stenio Capre with Dr. David L. Wick