Earthquake’s aftermath
by Bishop Stenio Capre with Dr. David L. Wick

Caribbean Supermarket before January 2010

Haiti has always been a troubled country with a multitude of disasters. People have always thought life is bad as they have been acquainted with desperate poverty. after each disaster, conditions worsen.

In comparison of what is going on today, we can say that life was excellent before the earthquake. This catastrophe brings new thoughts to people and we can say today that things are much more miserable than thought before.

Caribbean Supermarket after the earthquake

As one passes through Port-au-Prince’s downtown area, one must marvel at the extent of the devastation. Entire city blocks are wiped out. Each of the buildings are either completely destroyed or uninhabitable if standing. That is what one finds on the main street area of Port-au-Prince. Other areas were not as drastically affected, but the destruction covered a wide area. Each story is unique and each person is affected differently.

At this time, Bishop Capre’s ministry is greatly affected. Two churches were completely destroyed. One pastor and three of his children perished. Other church buildings were damaged but not completely destroyed. Thankfully, Bishop Capre’s main Petion-ville church has only minor damages and is home to daily evangelistic crusades as well as relief programs.

It is clear that recovery after the earthquake will not happen quickly. Even now, almost four weeks past the quake, many recovery efforts have not yet commenced. Removing rubble and bodies requires precise work and many areas are not yet accessible. Earth-moving equipment and workers are canvassing the Port-au-Prince region but there is much more needed to recover.