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Stenio’s Clinic brings Relief

Bishop Capre’s clinical program provides relief
By Dr. David L. Wick with Bishop Stenio Capre


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Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Because of the world news, everyone is familiar with the many gross images of destruction here in Haiti. Passing through the streets of Port-au-Prince, we can verify that the damages, the deaths, the injuries and needs are accurately reported. […]

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Bishop Stenio Capre is the son of Marino Capre born and raised in Haiti. […]

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Non-Stop Ministry

On Wednesday evening, Feb. 3th, I received a phone call from Bishop Stenio Capre, he is ok, but there is much need of pray and support for the ministry.
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The gospel is the light to shine in darkness and Jesus came to Haiti in 1817. […]

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6.1 Aftershock Hits Port-a-Prince

This morning, I called my wife for an update. I hadn’t flipped on any television or radio yet. She was the first to inform me of the severe aftershock that rocked Ha

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Don’t Draw Back

Yes we need to say THANK JESUS!!! We have received word that the Church building in Petion-Ville Haiti received minor damage, the home of Bishop Capre is standing, all the orphans and administrators that live with Stenio are safe. Pray that water and food is provided as the need is great! […]

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“We have No Haiti anymore”

Those words from my wife, Mimi, chill me still, […]

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Bishop Stenio is Ok

Beloved ministry partners, I recently spoke with Bishop Capre’s wife. […]

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Thoughts from the family

Though we can often rely on the news to sensationalize information, the initial information supplied regarding this event is grim. Pictures shown through the Internet news sources, blogs and by television news say plenty to […]

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