The gospel is the light to shine in darkness and Jesus came to Haiti in 1817. bishop_stenio_passes_food1In 1818 the Methodist Church brought the gospel to Haiti and many other denominations followed. At this time the population of Haiti is 7 million and over 2 million are Christians. The gospel is the only hope for Haiti and in the remote areas. It is the only hope to remove the voodoo spirit. The people come to see and hear the gospel when the evangelist comes to their area. They set up lights, play Christian music and the people come to see what is happening for they have nothing and receive Jesus. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the saving factor in the Haitian culture. Stenio the son of Marino Capre who in 1934 received Jesus from two men having come from a family only knowing voodoo. 1936 Marino started preaching the gospel until 2002 for 66 years raising the dead, healing the sick and saving many souls. Marino went to be with Jesus April 9th 2003, now Stenio carries the Gospel to the Haitian people. Stenio’s goal is to plant over 1,000 churches, now he has over 300 churches and over 40,000 memberships. The church has a radio program 4 days a week 20 hours a month covering the whole island of Haiti. God is in the process of building the first Christian radio station under Stenio Capre Ministries. The ministry also uses TV for evangelism of the people. We need a lot of evangelism preaching – now they have 3 crusades a month and teams go house-to-house reaching the people with a personnel Jesus helping the people.