6/16 Monday

Update for Marie-Maki

Stenio Capre of Harvest of Haiti Ministries called me today from Haiti outside the Clinic. The doctor believes that Marie-Maki has a tumor in her head that is causing her blindness and that she needs to go to the Dominican Republic or Cuba for her tumor. Marie-Maki, still needs to get a passport, however she did say that her eye sight has improved from last week! Prayers are working!

Stenio has asked for continued prayer by as many Saints as possible, Stenio knows that prayer is making the difference, he truly appreciates everyone’s efforts!

Update on Marie-Maki
Stenio Capre texted that the Haitian doctor said that Marie has something growing in her head and that she needs to go to the USA for special medical treatment. Stenio asked for special prayer for Marie and that she doesn’t have a passport which she would have to get. They are going to go back to the clinic on Monday. PRAY PRAY PRAY and lets get as many intercessors as we can and kick that growth and blindness our of her!!!

Marie-Mika, she was totally blind in both eyes. The Church prayed for her and now she can see in one eye PTL! they Stenio was at a clinic yesterday with

Stenio took Marie to a clinic and the doctor told Stenio that one eye is gone and a percentage of the other eye is gone as well. To start to work with her Stenio needs $2,000us. I have no money for this.

Stenio has made appointment for Marie tomorrow, Friday and next Monday June 17th.

I am calling for emergency prayer for Marie-Mika for her healing! Please share this with as many as possible!

Brother, Bishop Stenio Capre

Bishop Stenio Capre with Marie-Mika

Or you can mail your support to: Harvest of Haiti PO Box 495 Cottage Grove, MN 55016-0495